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The UK government news sources have been quite busy lately. There have been countless news stories ranging from weather-related issues, to finance, and even tragedy. One of the most prominent news stories to hit the airways in the UK focuses on the MH17 crash. Recently, it has been difficult, or nearly impossible, for crash site investigators to gain access to the area. This commercial jet was allegedly shot down by pro-Russian rebel separatists, and it is difficult to get to the site without becoming enveloped in violence. The UK government has urged for investigators to be allowed to come in and take stock of all of the carnage to determine how the plane was shot down, and why.

Another major news story involves ISIS. ISIS, or the Islamic State, is a terrorist organisation that is committing atrocities all across Iraq and Syria. In response to the growing threat, the UK government has decided to send arms to the current Iraqi government to help it to defend itself. Large swaths of people are having to flee for their lives as the ISIS incursion takes hold across much of the country. The UK, as well as the U.S. and NATO allies, are all trying to figure out a solution to the growing problem. There have been rumours that elite UK troops are teaming up with the U.S. Navy Seals to root out the growing threat in both Syria and Iraq. While many people were divided during the ouster of Saddam Hussein, many UK people agree that some current action needs to take place.

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