VAT Reimbursement for UK Travellers


Value-Added Tax, or VAT, describes the taxes paid by people who purchase items during their travels. The tax percentages change depending on where you spend money, and on the items that you buy. Less essential items tend to have a smaller tax value than items which are considered to be more essential. Essential items include shower supplies, toothbrush, batteries, or anything else that you must use throughout the day. The good news is that there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of a VAT reimbursement. This is especially true for UK residents who travel to Europe. Here are some important aspects of the VAT system.

One common myth about getting a VAT reimbursement when traveling, is that the process is actually more trouble than it is worth. In reality, it is not that complicated if you just know how to get started. However, you must first assess if it is worth your time. If you only buy a few items during your travels, then a VAT reimbursement might not be necessary. This is not always the case, as many people buy souvenirs and other items during their stay. Essential items become more important when you choose to stay in Europe for a longer period of time. Make sure that you get back the taxes that you spend on items by being prepared.

There are key steps to take once it is time to collect your VAT reimbursement. Perhaps the most important key of all is to bring your passport with you when you make purchases. This might be considered risky, especially if you tend to lose things easily. It is essential, however, if you hope to get the necessary documents from each of the retailers that you visit. Most of them are certainly willing to provide the documentation that you need as long as you have the passport with you. Store all of the documents and receipts in a safe place for quick future access.

The next step is to find the correct personnel at the airport before leaving the country. Areas within Europe have different directions for how to attain your VAT reimbursement, but all of them require documentation. Make sure that all of the paperwork that you have acquired from retailers is current. Check every section to make sure that the paperwork is filled out completely. Doing this allows you to get around any issues which may arise as a result of not being prepared.

The standard VAT in Europe is between 15 to 25% per country. This means that if you make many different purchases, then you can claim a significant amount of money before you depart. Just make sure that you come prepared when you visit each retailer, and that you have all of the necessary documents once you reach the airport. Try organising these materials in a larger folder with dividing sections for the best results. Attaining a VAT reimbursement is not difficult, so long as you follow all of the right steps.

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