UK Workplace Health and Safety


Workplace safety has been a hot topic throughout the UK in recent years. This is due tot he fact that there has been an increase of instances of injury, death and lawsuits in some areas. Employers must take actions to provide safety for all employees, especially within job settings which require heavy lifting, cutting, or handling toxic chemicals. While some health and safety issues are unavoidable, we should all do our part to ensure that everyone remains safe while on the job. Here are some helpful tips for both employers and employees to recognise as they conduct their daily activities within the workplace.

One of the most common safety issues is a wet floor. Wet floors cause people to slip and suffer a variety of injuries. However, the most common injuries associated with wet floors are back and neck breaks, and injuries to knees and arms. Many employees break their wrist while attempting to break their fall. Employers can protect themselves and their employees by immediately placing a wet floor sign over spills. This advance warning allows everyone to steer clear to avoid injury. Always make sure that the spill is completely gone before removing the sign from the area.

Employees must take responsibility for their own actions as well while in the workplace. This means that each person is responsible for abiding by all of the safety rules. If one person fails to follow protocol, then it can put everyone else in jeopardy. For example, if you work in construction then you are probably used to having to wear a hard hat. If you fail to do so however, and you are struck in the head with a falling object, then you are at fault. It is critical that everyone abide by the same rules in order to promote safety.

Another aspect of workplace safety in the UK, is staying alert. Studies show that more residents are losing sleep each day. This means there is a greater likelihood for errors to occur. Always get the best sleep possible to avoid accidents. Wake up early enough to eat a good breakfast and drink some coffee as well. Although all employees must be accountable for themselves, many people are responsible for the safety of others as well. Consider the responsibility of crane operators who must maintain constant awareness for those located on the ground and in the air or get employees to boost the career

Employers have a responsibility to go over the safety rules every few months to remind all workers of the dangers that they face. They should also be made aware of the best ways to handle emergency situations when an injury does occur. New employees benefit from safety training as well. The best way to present safety information is to conduct classes on a consistent basis. This helps employees to understand the information much better over time. Do not allow too much time to pass between training sessions, or much of the information will not be retained as efficiently.

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